An ideal space to while away some unforgettable hours

Originally, this space was used to store beer and keep it cool in the summer. To keep it cold, the ice chambers in the cellar were filled with ice from the Nymphenburg canal and the ice ponds outside Munich. Sometimes the ice even came by train from the Zugspitze.

Today, the cellar provides guests with a unique gastronomic experience deep underground.
The arches, which are made from rough red bricks, coupled with the rustic wooden benches and the huge, old beer barrels create an ideal location to while away some unforgettable hours and have made many a guest wax lyrical over the years.

Once a year, during the strong beer season, the old Lagerkeller becomes a place of pilgrimage for Maximator fans who have spent a long, cold winter longing for their first taste of this delicious strong beer from the Augustiner brewery.
By the way …
The ventilation shafts in the old wine cellars were once used to dry the cellar out during the winter because of the dampness caused by melting ice. Following the frosty period in March, it would then be closed for the summer season. Today, daylight lamps light up the permanently closed shafts and contribute to the creation of a unique atmosphere underneath the brick vaults of the old cellar.