We don’t just serve any old beer; we serve beer specialities from the Augustiner brewery.

And the best thing? In the Augustiner Keller you can enjoy Edelstoff beer freshly tapped from the barrel all year round, both in the beer garden and in the various corners of the restaurant as well as on the terraces. That’s pretty special.

Thanks to its low carbon dioxide content, the beer from the wooden barrel is lighter and very easy to drink. With only the force of its own weight to help it along, it comes out of the barrel slowly, which helps to keep it fresh and cool. This is what creates the special mildness that is so prized by connoisseurs of this special beer stored in wooden barrels.
Wooden barrels also create a great atmosphere. The bar itself is made from wooden barrels and contributes greatly to the traditional Bavarian atmosphere of the Augustiner Keller. This is also particularly true of the beer garden, where the wooden barrels are tapped on the racks in full view of guests, and each new barrel is celebrated with a traditional bell-sounding ritual.
By the way …
In centuries gone by, barrel makers who made wooden barrels by hand were some of the most important craftsmen around. After all, there were no plastic barrels or containers back then. There are still some who practise traditional barrel-making techniques. Our barrels, for example, come from the Wilhelm Schmid barrel factory in Munich.