The service area

If you don’t want self-service, just let us serve you.

Smart Bavarian dress, everything under control and always there for you!

If you don’t want self-service, just let us serve you. Our friendly staff are just as much a part of the Augustiner Keller as its beer and cosy atmosphere. You’ll be able to tell who the staff are with just one look: they are the people in smart Bavarian dress, with everything under control and are always there for you. Simply order what your heart desires. And sit back and enjoy Bavarian hospitability in the open air.

In the service area, you’ll also find the famous Stammtische (regulars’ tables). We now have 120 of these. Several regular groups have met here for decades. And each of them has their own individually designed tabletop. The group members look after these tabletops themselves and store them during the winter months. The Stammtische often have unique elements such as lightning conductors or a group cash box.

By the way ...

The Munich author Siegfried (Sigi) Sommer was usually one of the first regular beer garden customers of the year. You would often see him here in February or March. To prevent his feet getting cold, he used a charcoal heater which he placed under the table. He used to store the charcoal for it behind the chicken stall.