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Circus Krone
CIRCUS KRONE, the biggest circus in the world in the immediate vicinity of Augustiner-Keller!
Apr 15, 2024
Our beer garden is open for you today

The Augustiner-Keller is a historical place steeped in tradition with an interesting history and many equally interesting stories.

​We do not want to withhold either of these from you and wish to present you here with a brief outline of its history ​and a few short stories ​ representing the countless incidents, anecdotes and background information worth knowing about; things that are worthwhile telling.​

You will encounter tradition and customs in every corner of the Augustiner-Keller. And that's why it's not like any other beer garden in Munich and not one of the many good restaurants in town. The Augustiner-Keller is one of the most popular meeting places for Munich residents and for guests from all over the world who appreciate the charm of Bavarian tradition in one of the great original Munich beer gardens and taverns.​