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Circus Krone
CIRCUS KRONE, the biggest circus in the world in the immediate vicinity of Augustiner-Keller!
Jul 18, 2024
Our beer garden is open for you today

Enjoy yourselves under chestnuts

​​The complete version of the ​Augustiner Flashmop film with all those taking part in the credits can be found on YouTube​

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​Look forward to Munich's oldest beer garden. And one of the most beautiful ones. It's a place where you can recharge your batteries and really relax. Just forget about everyday life and enjoy life when it shows itself from its very best side on a sunny Bavarian day.​

For example, under one of the more than 100 chestnut trees. With a measure of Augustiner Edelstoff freshly tapped from a wooden barrel. And with numerous delicacies from our Schmankerlgasse or kitchen. Everyone feels at home here: guests with student IDs, traditional costumes, suit and ties or celebrity status. Guests with children, of course, and our numerous regular guests, naturally.​

The beer garden, which now offers 5,000 seats, was first mentioned in the Munich city map from 1812, and nothing has changed in its external appearance since 1895. That's a good thing, in our opinion, because how could you make this gem of Bavarian beer garden tradition more beautiful?​