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Circus Krone
CIRCUS KRONE, the biggest circus in the world in the immediate vicinity of Augustiner-Keller!
Dec 7, 2022
Our beer garden is closed today

When the bell rings, it means a new barrel has been tapped.

Pretzels, chicken, Obazda, radish, sausage salad or fish grilled on a stick

Whenever the waiter rings the bell, it means a new barrel was tapped. You will hear the bell more often on mild summer evenings as the popular Edelstoff is served in the beer garden of the Augustiner-Keller. And only freshly tapped from wooden barrels. Most of them are "Hirsch". This is what they call the 200-litre barrels; the 100-litre barrel is called "Sau" and the "Hase" holds 15 litres. "Ozapft" is written on the "Gander" with a "mallet". Do you need to know all of this? No, just enjoy it.

As is a tradition in Bavarian beer gardens, you are welcome to bring your own snack to the self-service area. However, many guests swear by the delicacies of our "Schmankerlgasse", which you should definitely try. Resche pretzels, for example, fantastic butter chicken filled with parsley — wonderfully juicy and crispy, fresh Obazda, radish or sausage salad. And don't forget: the famous Steckerlfisch, fish grilled on the stick from Fischer-Vroni. We wish you a good appetite!

By the way

It is no coincidence that there are wonderful chestnut trees in the beer garden. They were planted so that their shade also protects the ground and thus the beer stored in the Eiskeller from warming. 45 of the more than 100 stately trees are now protected and numbered.