The Festsaal (banqueting hall)
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Circus Krone
CIRCUS KRONE, the biggest circus in the world in the immediate vicinity of Augustiner-Keller!
Jul 18, 2024
Our beer garden is open for you today

A large Bavarian hall that couldn't be more splendid.

For successful events of any kind

​Magnificent old paintings, impressive chandeliers and a wooden ceiling with numerous carvings make the hall into something very special. Especially since it is one of the few still preserved halls with barrel vaults in Munich.​

It offers space for up to 600 guests and offers a 30 square metre stage as well. This allows for perfect events of all kinds to take place.​

​Many prominent speakers have already delighted their audiences here, and numerous renowned bands and music ensembles have entertained guests.​

The 420 square metre hall can also be partitioned so that, for example, the smaller front part can be used for a reception, while the larger area can be made available for the actual event. Dividing it into a small area for dining and a large dance floor is also popular.​